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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there real-life examples inside?
The course is loaded with examples of actual text conversations and video of real-life dates.
Will This Work On Sally From Class?
Results are not guaranteed for any one particular girl or girls.

However the concepts and examples in this course are applicable to girls in general. Instead of getting outcome dependent for any one particular girl, you'll get more of the results you want by focusing on the process of success with women.
Is This Course Up To Date?
Every text conversation in this course took place in the last 12 months. I'm also a big advocate of using up-to-date social media to your benefit...assuming you do it the right way.

All but two of the infield videos in this course are from the last 12 months.


Is there a refund policy?

Look above.
Will this program work for me?
If it doesnt...there's a refund policy.

No-one is cut from a different cloth. What one man can do, another man can do.
Can I Steal Your Lines?
If you want. Plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery.

That said, the better way is to take the theory and strategy in the course and apply it to your own personality and speaking style.

That said, some of the texts in the course are particularly effective and you'd be crazy not to use them if the situation calls for it.


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How To Pass Shit Tests With Flying Colors
Just like in a real-life interaction, girls use shit-tests to test the mettle of the guy's in her life. Unfortunately, most guys in the game try to pass a text shit-test the exact same way they pass one in real life...which is a COLOSSAL mistake. Since you can't just ignore her like you could in real life, most guys try to do way too much which conveys neediness and lack of social calibration.


How To Use The Mechanics Of Texting To Get Her Massively Invested
Ah the much miscontrued value text. For years the only advice given about text-game was "send value." Fact of the matter is that just sending value doesn't actually accomplish much unless you can convince the girl that you're somehow different than all the other guys that are hitting her up. 


Getting Rock-Solid Numbers By Displaying Off-The-Charts Value (Infield Examples)
Instead of exchanging "comfort" facts such as what you do and where you're from, displaying the right set of high-value characteristics and giving off the right vibe makes girls take notice. By creating a vision in her mind of how she fits into your life, you're much more likely to get her actively seeking to meet up...which makes the actual text-game significantly simpler.


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My Precision-Engineered System For Getting Her To Meet Me At The Snap Of A Text...

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What You'll Learn:

The Inner Game Of Texting
Creating Text-Game Abundance
The Difference Between Needy And Persistent
The Non-Response Response
Anatomy Of A Solid Number
The RIGHT Way to Qualify
The 5 Minute Rule
The Make-Or-Break First Text
The Social Bank Account
Callback Humor And Personalization
Building Intrigue 
Avoiding Her Text TRAPS 

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The Four Types Of Texts
Silence, Shit Tests And Logic
Getting Her To Chase
How To Instigate Your Way Into Her Mind
Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram Super-Chargers
The Rules Of The Phone Call
Resurrecting Dead Numbers
Calibrating To Her Text Blueprint
The Date Manifesto
 Why "Boring" Dates Are Better
 Real Text-Game Cheat Codes That Work
How I Pull Almost 80-90% Of The Dates I Go On

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Including Text Examples And Infield Videos of Pickups and Dates